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Puzhong Kitchen
9am - 9:30pm
3/F, Baijin City, 27 Qinglong St.
028 8628 3382
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
With rolled-up-shirt season approaching, we are mindful of our midsections and have been scoping out healthier fare. We were pleased to see a new branch of our favourite Chinese health food restaurant, Pu Zhong Kitchen, open up near Ba Bao Jie. Their other location is like a dining hall with an open kitchen, but the interior of this restaurant is cosier, with booths and comfortable chairs that a person could linger on. There is also a patio with a few outside tables.

The menu changes periodically according to what is in season and also what is healthy to eat in certain weather. The menu is divided into soup, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, starches, and snacks, with just a handful of choices in each category. We really appreciate that the caloric values are shown for each dish. We also like how the very good servers are familiar with the menu, the flavours, and health benefits.

The konnyaku and rabbit (魔芋烧鲜兔) on the list of meat dishes was such an unusual offering we ordered it mainly out of curiosity. It was a little watery and strange. We wished we had followed the server's recommendations and ordered the xiao chao rou (小炒肉) very spicy here, Sichuanese style, or the steamed fish (清蒸鱼). The large lion's head meatballs (狮子头) we saw heading over to another table also looked very good. Ginkgo broccoli (白果西兰花) was tender and came in a sauce with diced carrots. We appreciated being able to order steamed purple yams (紫薯) and black rice congee (黑米粥) instead of normal white rice.

The only thumbs down of the night was the 'fragrant strong' milk tea (香浓奶茶), which came out kind of bland and watery. We wished we'd ordered the organic soy milk (有机豆浆) instead. Dishes are inexpensive but portions are small; expect to pay around 30 yuan per person.

Puzhong Kitchen
Puzhong Kitchen Puzhong Kitchen Puzhong Kitchen