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45 Xiao Jia He Street Barbecue
4:30pm - 4:30am
45, Xiaojiahe St.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Some say an evening of hot pot is the quintessential Chengdu food culture experience, but one could make a good case for barbecue. Sitting at low tables around a tray of grilled goodness with a couple of cold ones while the conversations around you float into the night is one way to really catch the mood of the city, especially when the weather warms up and people like to spend their evenings out of doors. This barbecue shop on Xiao Jia He street used to be a small storefront with some sidewalk seating, but it got so popular it literally took over the homestyle restaurant next door. Now staff members from both places can be seen preparing and skewering grill items and there is seating available in the former restaurant's dining room. During peak times, they have three grills going nonstop.

There are many kinds of fish and meat available and prices are still very reasonable with most veg at 5 mao a skewer, some meat at 2RMB and some at 1RMB. The biggest menu item is the 35RMB rabbit, grilled whole and hand-shredded. The ordering process is simple – pick up a basket, fill it with skewered food of your choice, and hand it to the grillers. They brush the food with alarming amounts of oil and what looks like far too much salt and msg, then more oil, then a hot pepper blend and cumin. After about ten minutes your order is collected into a takeout container or piled onto a tray, sprinkled with onion and zha cai (pickled veg) if you want, and served up. To drink there is beer, Red Bull, and fire-taming dou nai in a cooler.

Our favourite things include the pork belly, tofu puffs, round steamed rice cakes, sticky rice cake, tofu, spicy and crispy chicken skin, dry sausage, small potatoes, and quail eggs. We love how chewy the chicken gizzards get. We haven't tried the pig skin yet. Mushrooms, eggplant slices, lotus root, and potatoes all get magically transformed by the grill and the aggressive seasoning. You can drop in and spend a few yuan on a snack or stuff yourself for 20-30RMB per person.

45 Xiao Jia He Street Barbecue
45 Xiao Jia He Street Barbecue 45 Xiao Jia He Street Barbecue 45 Xiao Jia He Street Barbecue