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Shadow & Bing Ice Shop
1pm - 10pm; open to 11pm on Friday and Saturday.
2-42, South Gaosheng Qiao Rd.
028 8039 6969
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Digging into an icy treat makes the muggy, hot weather in Chengdu more bearable, and Taiwan style shaved ice shops are getting more popular. We often make do with the inexpensive bao bing (刨冰) that is sold on the street, but we wanted to check out one of the more popular sit-down chains and went into Shadow & Bing.

We chose the five topping option, for 18RMB, though a 22RMB 'Eight Treasure' bao bing with a choice of 8 toppings is also on offer. The smooth texture of the shaved ice was superior to the grainy stuff we get from street bao bing. Toppings are chosen from a bar and often include large tapioca pearls (珍珠), small tapioca (西米), red bean (红豆), green bean (绿豆), jelly (果东), jams (果酱), herbal jellies (仙草), chewy sweet potato and taro balls(地瓜圆, 芋园), and various kinds of fruit. Choosing your toppings by pointing works for the language challenged. The server asked if we preferred very sweet or not so before adding syrup and sweetened condensed milk. The melting ice and toppings mix into a refreshing snack.
We dropped in, in the afternoon, and the guests were local office workers on an afternoon break and young couples (desserts are often shared). The workers were cutting up fresh mango and strawberry in the back and the whole dining room smelled of fresh fruit. The spotless room, quality toppings, and various rules posted (no outside food, no smoking, no pets, no card playing) all give the impression of a tight ship being run. Stools outside indicated that Shadow & Bing is a popular evening destination as well.

Other ways to freeze your brain include shredded flavoured ice with toppings (雪花冰) and a thick, spoonable slush (沙冰) flavoured with strawberry, black plum, or other fruit. We didn't notice the banana split (香蕉船) on the menu until we had already made our order. You can get a regular Taiwan bubble tea ( 珍珠奶茶) and other drinks, but most customers were ordering desserts. Small desserts are 12-17RMB each, large are around 20RMB per order; milk tea is 8RMB.

Shadow & Bing Ice Shop
Shadow & Bing Ice Shop