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Delicious Fish
11:30am - 12pm
A-02, 9 Xiangbinwutong, 1 Chaoyang Rd.
028 8592 4815
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Freshwater fish shows up prominently in our local cuisine in dishes like dou ban yu and shui zhu yu. Grilled fish, or kaoyu, is one of our favourite ways to eat it, especially in the summer when we feel like cracking open a cold one and eating outside. The fish is split, grilled, and then served on a warming tray covered with vegetables and seasoning. Delicious Fish has a few locations around Chengdu and is one of the more popular places to tuck in to this delicacy.

There are several varieties of fish available, and they are ordered by the pound. We usually ask for 花鲢 (bighead carp), since it's one of the less expensive choices and has fewer bones to contend with than other types. After choosing the type of fish, diners pick the seasoning treatment. Our favourite is fragrant/spicy (香辣). Pickled pepper (泡椒) is a good choice for those who love the spice and people with more timid palates should try black bean (豆豉). We notice almost as many diners ordering their dry pot dishes (干锅) as grilled fish.

Since grilled fish takes a rather long time to prepare, it's a good idea to get a side dish or two especially if you arrive hungry. By far the most popular side dish here is the bacon French fries – a pile of ordinary French fries garnished with bacon and sided with ketchup and mayo.

They have the usual selection of cold drinks for spicy food like dou nai available, or light and dark Qingdao on tap. Diners pay in the range of 50-100RMB per person, and should expect to stand in line during busy times.

Delicious Fish
Delicious Fish