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Cui Shao and Ocean Flavour Noodles
脆绍面 海味面
7am - 3am
2-3, East Yulin Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Among all of the great nosh options in Yulin, this noodle shop still stands out. There are very few clean, air conditioned, places with a basic home-style noodle menu where you can get in and out for around ten yuan. The half dozen tables are populated mostly with neighbourhood folks, but the lunch crowd includes several white collar types from the office buildings on nearby Renmin South Road. Most customers announce their order on walking in the door, and the super efficient servers have set bowls of pickles and noodle water in front of guests within less than a minute of being seated. We appreciate the economy of using noodle water as a free beverage for customers, and its starchy fresh flour taste boded well for the quality of the noodles.

The menu includes a few preparations of both wheat and rice noodles, chao shou dumplings, and stewed pig's foot. Cui shao noodles (脆绍面), a house specialty, are a salty and spicy dry mixed style with seasoned pork topping. They are pretty good here. The savoury ocean flavour noodles (海味面), with their rich white broth, are even better and suitable for people who are looking for something that is not spicy. A few customers were stirring up orders of potent 'double pepper' noodles (双椒面), their bowls giving off chili fumes we could smell from over a meter away. We also tried the chao shou dumplings (抄手), and thought the wrappers were exemplary but the fillings a bit on the lean side.

We like how the noodles here are cooked to just the right firmness and are assembled and seasoned with care. The prices are a yuan or two higher than most noodle shops, but with a/c and a good product they are more than worth it.

Cui Shao and Ocean Flavour Noodles
Cui Shao and Ocean Flavour Noodles  Cui Shao and Ocean Flavour Noodles