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Guangzhou Rice Roll
8:30am - 11pm
27, West Ln. 1st, Xiaojiahe
028 6996 5699

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We've always liked dropping in at this Xiaojiahe neighbourhood spot for a plate of egg or beef rice rolls (肠粉). We like to eat them smeared with Cantonese style hot sauce - the smooth kind that looks like ketchup, though the chunky, oily, local kind is also available. Over time the menu has expanded, with congees, dry fried rice noodles (干炒牛河) and beef brisket noodles (牛腩面), being added. We went back recently to try one of their rice casseroles in stoneware dishes (煲仔饭).

Most of the other customers were digging into plates of rice rolls or warming their hands on bowls of creamy congee, but we discovered that the proprietors, whose Chinese carries the flat-sounding Cantonese accent, have again updated their menu to include several barbecue and rice plates, all for under 20 yuan per person. They do a very good rice casserole; we loved the chicken and mushroom version (香菇滑鸡饭). The server advised us that a rice casserole takes 15 minutes to make, which is well worth the wait since the rice develops the proper crust against the dish. On another visit we asked for the Cantonese sausage version (广式腊味), which came with a generous topping of sweet, translucent sausage and bacon. In the mood for vegetation, we ordered choi sum (菜心) and were well rewarded with a plate of fresh, tender greens. We've paid five times as much for greens that were not this good at other Cantonese places in town.

Most customers drop in for an order or rice rolls or bowl of congee in the morning, but the expanded menu gives us a reason to return. There are lots of high-end options for Cantonese food in town, so it's always a welcome surprise to find a spot that does good Cantonese and is easy on the wallet. Guests can expect to drop 10-20 yuan per person.

Guangzhou Rice Roll
Guangzhou Rice Roll Guangzhou Rice Roll