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Are Original
8:30am - 11pm
3-2, East Wuhouci St.
028 8551 0112
028 8557 0877
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
As the mercury drops we are often in the mood for rich, meaty, and warming dishes, which are plentiful on Tibetan menus. Are, the best known Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu, is right across from Wuhou Temple and a favourite of tourists and locals alike. However, we have another, older Are right around the corner on Wuhou East street. The restaurants are the same family but the menus are a bit different and the older restaurant, which just got redone, is very much a neighbourhood place. MORE went to check it out recently.

One dish that seemed to be on everyone's table was the yak meat in a thick pastry. We asked for one and it was rib sticking rich stuff with chewy meat inside. The dish of yak meat with pickled radish was very tasty and the radish complemented the meat well, but again we found the yak chewy. The warming butter tea was tangy and smooth with a slick of butter on top.

We saw droma on the menu and had to order it. Droma is a highly nutritious root that only grows in the mountains above a certain altitude and is slightly sweet with a texture almost like a bean. The droma was cooked and served in the same sightly tangy butter. It is an unusual food we can only find in Tibetan places in town, and then only a few of them. While we were eating the folks at the next table, who hailed from Lhasa and from the Ganzi area, asked us where we were from and then started telling us about their hometowns and encouraging us to visit. We thought the food was decent and wanted to come back and try some of their other popular dishes, like the meat under a blanket. Service seems to be luck of the draw here – we had an excellent server once and a quite distracted server another time. Guests can expect a bill of 50-80 yuan per person.

Are Original
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