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Duo Er Gun
10am - 10pm
1/F, Fortune Center, 6 Daye Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Duo Er Gun, a spot serving up Taiwanese-style individual hot pots, anchors the food court in the Fortune Centre downtown. It has been open for a few months and recently hosted MORE Magazine. In Chengdu, our standards for hot pot soup are pretty high but we think the rich pork bone, healthy clam, fragrant mala, and vegetarian mushroom based soups at this spot will be able to hold their own. It is lighter in flavour than local hot pot but there is obvious attention paid to flavour and appearance. MORE also got a preview of a spicy mushroom soup called jun wang mala tang. We were overall impressed with the freshness and quality of the offerings.

From the characters-only hot pot section of the menu, guests can order meals in the traditional way by choosing one of the soups first and then ordering whatever you want to cook in it. The meats include beef from various cuts, lamb, chicken, and pork. There are also five kinds of mushrooms, tofu, seafood, and several vegetables. There is also a section of set meals from 38-88 yuan which include the customers' choice of soup, a nicely presented plate of hot pot ingredients, and something from the drink section. The set meals also come with rice or, if you prefer, noodles to add to your pot. We made good use of the self serve condiment station which had all the options for a good youdie, though we got the celery leaves and cilantro mixed up. They also offer a few set meals and rice plates, which are on the back section of the menu which has English translations and has thumbnail illustrations. About half their tables are on the food court side so you get the buzz of the mall atmosphere, but a few tables in the back feel more like a private restaurant than a shopping centre. Guests can expect to pay around 40 yuan and up per person.

Duo Er Gun
Duo Er Gun Duo Er Gun Duo Er Gun