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Hong Taiyang Villa
7am - 7pm
iuyin Rd., Hongsha Village, Sanshenghuaxiang.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We went out to San Sheng Xiang for the day, where parks, tea houses, vegetable and flower markets make for a restful retreat outside the city. In recent years the area has also been attracting creative types and visitors can stroll through a couple of wings of an art museum as well as the flower and plant market. San Sheng Xiang is also home to dozens of nong jia le, or small guest farms. Nong jia le generally offer food and lodging, tea houses, cards, majiang, karaoke, and other diversions, with most catering to groups or events. We walked into one, attracted by a nicely shaded outdoor tea garden, where people were drinking tea and playing cards. The server confirmed we could order food and went to fetch menus, and we ordered glasses of chrysanthemum tea.

Nong jia le usually feature very local menus with back to the land fare. We could have ordered freshly slaughtered free range chicken and local river fish, but we went with basic home style dishes off of their picture menu. The rice-steamed ribs were nicely seasoned though the rice was a bit on the chewy side. The eggplant was one of the best yuxiang eggplant dishes we've had in Chengdu. We would go back for that dish alone. The mapo tofu was a solid rendition, though someone at the table asked for less spicy so we can't really pass judgment. The servers were efficient and unobtrusive and the cost was a quite reasonable one hundred yuan for three. We finished eating and drank tea with the sounds of stories told in Sichuanese and majiang tiles clattering around us. We are looking forward to coming back to explore more options in the area.

Hong Taiyang Villa
Hong Taiyang Villa  Hong Taiyang Villa  Hong Taiyang Villa