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Bamboo and Mushroom Tang Guo Restaurant
10am - 9pm
2 - 9, Yongfeng Rd.
028 8519 9199
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We've always enjoyed restorative and healthy 'tang guo' which is eaten much the same as hot pot, but with different ingredients, and recently decided to check out a place near Yiguanmiao that we've passed a hundred times. We walked up a couple of flights of stairs past several pictures of bamboo forest and settled in to a faded but pleasant dining room to enjoy bamboo shoot and mushroom tang guo. The restaurant's main dishes hail from the bamboo forest near the city of Yibin, southeast of Chengdu. Yibin's best known culinary export is Yibin combustion noodles, mixed up with their spicy, crunchy, and tangy toppings, but we were about to learn more about the area's produce.

The soup bases available are mushroom and bitter bamboo shoot. We chose the latter since it is this restaurant's specialty. The soup itself was not bitter, but was a rich and full bodied white chicken soup base with goji berries, a few aromatics, and bitter bamboo shoots. The bitter bamboo shoots took a little getting used to; we think we would enjoy them more when the weather warms up. There were also crunchy non-bitter bamboo shoots, much more to our taste, to add to the pot. The mushrooms were shiitake and large, thinly sliced 'white spirit' mushrooms, new to us but delicious. We got an order of shrimp dumplings, which cooked up very well in the soup, and potato and cabbage to round out the greens. The soup, which was nice and thick to start with, got very concentrated and delicious and by the time we added our noodles at the end it was almost a sauce.

The servers were quite matter of fact but helped us cook the less familiar ingredients and kept an eye on the temperature of our soup. We also decided to try an order of their Yibin combustion noodles, and thought they were among the best we've had in Chengdu. We will keep this place in mind if we are in the area and want to eat tang guo. The cost is around 70 yuan per head.

Bamboo and Mushroom Tang Guo Restaurant
Bamboo and Mushroom Tang Guo Restaurant Bamboo and Mushroom Tang Guo Restaurant Bamboo and Mushroom Tang Guo Restaurant