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Xiao Jian Jiao
8:30am - 9:40pm
Next Dicos, Section 1st, Rongbei Trade Ave., Wukuaishi, Jinniu District
028 8311 7999
028 8311 7666
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The industrial Wukuaishi area is home to many wholesale markets – the tea market, the spice market, the adult products market, the office supplies market, and others. The legwork and haggling involved in wholesale shopping is hungry work, and the lack of food options in the area usually drives us to chains such as Dico's and CSC. We had walked into this branch of Xiao Jian Jiao before and walked out, since the ventilation is such that a smoky atmosphere is hard to escape. The day we decided to try again the restaurant was holding a wedding, which in our experience makes table conversation nearly impossible. So hunger more than anticipation led us to a table at Xiao Jian Jiao.

Once we got inside and ordered, the servers took quite good care of us and we only had to endure the last five minutes of the wedding program. We got to watch large platters of gorgeous wedding food roll by and our own order arrived after a few short minutes. The server had recommended their fish dish, but we asked for a dish of spicy chicken with fresh sichuan peppercorns that we love at Xiao Jian Jiao, and a newer dish of local bacon stir fried with hot peppers, sesame, and bits of garlic. This was sided with snow white mantou to make mini sandwiches - our new favourite way to eat bacon. A gorgeous dish of long beans in soy sauce with a little thinly sliced pork belly and red peppers was also enjoyed by all. The menu was well illustrated, though not translated.

We ordered the individual chicken and mushroom soups, which were nice and fortifying, and got a crock of good rice. We are pretty glad we finally tried this branch of Xiao Jian Jiao. Although the environment does not attract, the food is great and we were well taken care of, which puts this restaurant head and shoulders above the other choices in the area. The bill, without drinks, was 130 yuan for three.

Xiao Jian Jiao
Xiao Jian Jiao Xiao Jian Jiao Xiao Jian Jiao