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Jin Cheng Yinxiang Hot Pot
24 hours
9 Nijiaqiao Rd., Wuhou District
028 6581 9992
028 6581 9993
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
In the evenings when lineups start to form outside the Nijiaqiao hot pot restaurants, the crowd outside Jin Cheng is as big as that of its next door neighbour. After trying both recently, we think the soup base at Shu Jiu Xiang remains superior, but there are plenty of reasons to line up outside Jin Cheng. The spicy soup had quite a variety of seasonings floating around in it and a thick layer of fragrant oil on top. It's the style we think of as meat lovers' hot pot, and the house special spicy marinated ribs (锦城排骨) cook up very nicely in it. The American beef (美国牛肉) is thicker sliced than at most hot pot places. We love how their crispy pork (酥肉) comes warm and fresh fried, just as delicious eaten out of hand as it is cooked in the soup and then dipped in more oily seasonings.

The soup did justice to our other hot pot ingredients as well, though we thought toward the end of the night it was getting a bit salty. We love that the final noodle cooked in the soup can be knife shaved noodles (刀削面), prepared to order when guests are ready. The servers bring a square guard for the pot so that diners are not splashed with hot oil while the shaved noodles are being propelled into the soup.

For snacks, we like the crispy and delicious flatbread (飞饼), though we noticed that they also have sesame balls (芝麻球) and would try them next time. We dig the wooden tables and chairs and how the place is decorated in a way which feels traditional without being stuffy. A video of staff party performances playing on both TVs also added a unique touch to the atmosphere. Though they were handling a full house, the servers responded quickly to requests, watchfully kept our soup at the right bubble, and patiently dealt with latecomers. Diners can expect to pay around 80 yuan per head.

Jin Cheng Yinxiang Hot Pot
Jin Cheng Yinxiang Hot Pot Jin Cheng Yinxiang Hot Pot Jin Cheng Yinxiang Hot Pot