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Chunyang Dumplings
8:30am - 8:30pm
218-219, 2/F, Champagne Plaza, 97 East St.
028 8666 6202
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Chunyang Dumplings is the kind of great local place that too often disappears as its neighbourhood develops. We have our fingers crossed, hoping it will stick around. Chunyang sells excellent local snacks that do not taste mass produced, and is located in Champagne Plaza on the expensive side of Dong Da Street. Most customers are digging into bowls of hongyou shuijiao, small dumplings tossed in spicy oil, sugar, crushed garlic, and other seasonings. They also make chao shou, another type of local dumpling larger than and not as sweet as the shuijiao.

The menu is short and characters only: chao shou in spicy bean paste seasoning (豆瓣抄手), hongyou shuijiao (红油水饺), a non-spicy version of shuijiao (清汤水饺), a spicy version of the same dumplings with vinegar (酸辣水饺), the same sour-spicy treatment with chao shou (酸辣抄手), and cold seasoned noodles (凉面). The menu's sole nod to greens is a seaweed soup (带丝汤).

We dropped in to try the shuijiao recently and had to restrain ourselves from ordering multiple bowls. The dumplings were super fresh, well stuffed, and seasoned very generously with a genius mix of the seasonings. We had come on a pretty hot day so we also asked for a bowl of white fungus soup (银耳汤), whose cooling properties brought relief from both the sweltering weather and the spicy oil. We like that they do not over-sweeten the soup. The servers are a bit gruff but the excellent food, the location, and the value are all draws. Snacks are six yuan and less. We hope Chunyang dumplings stays around for a long time.

Chunyang Dumplings
Chunyang Dumplings  Chunyang Dumplings  Chunyang Dumplings