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Gongshe Noodle
258 Wuhouci St.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
There are many worthy eating options in the Wuhou Temple area, but they can be tough to find among the touristy places. This noodle shop, tucked into an alley behind the Shuhan Hotel, seems to be hiding from potential customers. Red Era theme restaurants are not as trendy as they were a few years back, so a Communist themed, Tibetan-run, noodle shop in the heart of Chengdu’s Tibetan quarter is quite unique. The white walls are painted with political slogans and decked with communist posters featuring quotes by Mao Zedong. Whatever one’s politics, hunger unites and the customers reflect the diversity of the area with Chinese and Tibetan both spoken. The small space makes it easy to get into conversations with other customers or with staff.

“All our beef is maoniurou,” said the proprietor – yak. The main sellers are red cooked yak noodles (红烧牛肉面), and hand shredded yak noodles (手丝牛肉面). They use a fresh wheat noodle that is a bit thicker than average and boils up nice and chewy. The default seasoning is quite spicy so many customers ask for ‘bu la de’. They also have noodles topped with seasoned chunks of pork belly (大肉面) or pork ribs (大排面). We appreciate that one liang, snack-sized, servings are available. We noticed they have added jiaozi dumplings to the menu, at 8 yuan per liang, and got an order. The jiaozi were fine, if a little meagre in filling, but with really excellent jiaozi shops within a block in either direction we will stick to the noodles here. There is no vegetation on the menu, but like any self respecting noodle shop they will boil up a side of greens on request. For beverages, there is the standard self serve vat of noodle water, and beer at ambient temperature. Expect to pay RMB10-RMB20 per person.

Gongshe Noodle
Gongshe Noodle  Gongshe Noodle