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Silver Tree Jiaozi
10:30am - 9pm
15 Xiaonan St., Qinyang District
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This jiaozi shop just across from the west gate of People’s Park was hopping just before noon when we stopped in. The short and sweet menu of stuffing choices includes pork and chive (猪肉韭采), pork and cabbage (猪肉白菜), pork and tomato (猪肉蕃茄), beef and celery (牛肉芹菜) and, unusual in Chengdu, pork and shrimp (鲜肉虾饺). Pot stickers (煎饺) are also a popular offering. The prices per liang are 5 to 7RMB, and there are only five dumplings per liang rather than the six to eight that most other dumpling houses in town serve up. However the dumplings are large and boiled to order with good quality fresh fillings and the popularity of the place speaks to its value.

The atmosphere is clean and basic. Customers make the order, find a seat, and then hand their bill to one of the nearest super efficient servers. Unless the size of one’s party matches the number of chairs exactly, customers are very likely to be sharing a table with other guests, and the restaurant has taken over a neighbouring shop that has additional seating. The tables are all set with the standard dumpling condiments of sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, hot sauce, garlic paste, salt, and msg. We always like watching people mix up the perfect concoction for dipping.

Dumplings are not the only draw at Silver Tree. Their side dishes are also fresh and appealing and almost every table had small dishes of basic fare like tofu, cucumbers, and broccoli on the side. We at first wondered how they could charge 15RMB for a small plate of ribs, but the sweet, sticky, and meaty sweet and sour ribs were the stars of the show. With the must-order ribs on the side, the bill usually runs north of 20RMB per person.

Silver Tree Jiaozi
Silver Tree Jiaozi Silver Tree Jiaozi