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Pan Ji Niu Ga Bing
36, 1 East Ximianqiao St.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
In the dwindling areas where mobile street food vendors are still found, we often enjoy a sandwich advertised as a Leshan specialty. It is a palm-sized round of bread split and stuffed with fen zheng niu rou, or beef that has been cooked by being tossed with broken rice, steamed, and seasoned. Except for this distinctive filling it is very similar to the local guo kui sandwiches and always hits the spot.

This small and very clean Ximianqiao area shop calls the sandwich ‘niu ga bing.’ From the steam table outside piled high with little baskets, we can see that fen zheng rou is a specialty. Almost every customer was enjoying one of the small sandwiches, which go for six yuan a piece and come stuffed with either beef or pork intestine cooked in the ‘fen zheng’ manner. We asked for a beef sandwich and noted the filling was very well seasoned with a decent ratio of meat to rice meal, and was not too soggy.

The other specialty of this shop is their dou fu nao – soft tofu served in a starchy soup which makes a great canvas for a combination of seasonings including chili oil, peanuts, preserved zha cai, fried noodles, and green onions. The spicy and numbing ‘ma la’ flavours were loud and clear, and there were also rice noodles in the bowl. It’s one of the best value snacks we’ve found lately, at five yuan for a small bowl, and can come topped with shredded chicken (鸡肉), beef (牛肉) , or crispy pork (酥肉). We ordered crispy pork but it was a bit more ‘su’ than ‘rou’ and we would choose the more popular shredded chicken next time. They also serve rice noodles and the summer snacks known as liang gao and liang fen for three yuan per order, but we will save those to try in hotter weather.

Pan Ji Niu Ga Bing
Pan Ji Niu Ga Bing Pan Ji Niu Ga Bing