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Ye Ti Hua
8am - late.
257 Shuangnan Rd., Wuhou District
028 8500 7834

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
In Chengdu, one of the most treasured parts of the pig is its foot. Feet often show up braised in soy as a cold dish, or barbecued. Several well-known restaurants specialize in cooking pig feet, where they are often used in place of regular pork in dishes like guo ba pig foot, twice cooked pig foot, or even yuxiang pig foot. The default way to serve them, however, is slow cooked and falling-apart tender in a rich broth. A pig’s foot is largely skin and cartilage with a small, very tender chunk of meat inside, and eating one can be complicated. The foot is pulled apart with chopsticks, the bones separating easily since their connections have been stewed to softness. Once a bite is taken, the edible parts are worked off in the mouth and the small, smooth bones spit out. It is an appealing dish to tuck into in cool weather, and we are often told the collagen-rich dish is good for the skin.

This Shuangnan area restaurant has always been our go-to for pig foot. Customers are seated, often sharing tables with other parties during busy times, and orders taken and served with impressive efficiency. The menu, which has recently been updated with helpful pictures, offers pig foot stewed with white beans, seaweed, pickled vegetable, white yam, ginkgo, or a ‘nutritious’ version with dates and goji berries. We noticed most of their customers actually never look at the menu, but walk in past the large pots of pig foot and trays of prepared side dishes and announce their selections to the nearest server. We love the pickled vegetable pig foot and are also fans of the white bean and ginkgo nut pig feet. We tried the nutritious version but it was a bit too medicinal for us. There is also a good selection of local dishes on offer, and we saw orders of pork intestine in hot peppers and such go out to a few tables. The prices have crept up recently; we would expect to pay 20-30RMB/person.

Ye Ti Hua
Ye Ti Hua Ye Ti Hua Ye Ti Hua