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Hou Yuan Xiang Chu
10am - 10pm
North Chengke Rd.(Near Digital Square), Wuhou District
028 8559 8667

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We were heading down a Computer City alley with empty printer cartridges, on our way to the cheap ink refill place, when a new restaurant in the area caught our eye. This section of the south first ring is a pretty good place to be hungry, but most of the area eateries are ‘fly restaurant’ type places that offer up noodles, fried rice, street snacks, and other ‘diao si’ specialties. The very good Luzhou noodle shop on the corner of the alley is typical. Hou Yuan, in contrast, is one of the newer style local restaurants with a traditional décor and refined versions of Sichuan dishes.

When we went back to try the goods, the weather was too chilly to enjoy the outdoor courtyard tables and we were shown to a table inside with the heater on. They have a tablet format menu with several sections – cold dishes, home-style, seafood, specialties, and snacks. The menu is all characters but is well-illustrated. We get that tablet menus are easy to update, but find their touch to order system unnecessarily clunky.

We ordered the kung pao shrimp (宫保大虾球). We are not usually fans of this rendition, preferring the more common chicken and peanut version, but the shrimp were nicely cooked and well complemented by the cashews in the dish. We were impressed enough with the shrimp dish that we might spring for the kung pao wagyu beef next time. We ordered a stir-fried dish of beef slices, celery, and pickled peppers (小抄黄牛肉) where the beef stood up well to the fiery peppers. We wanted to try something from the steamed section of the menu and asked for the pork belly steamed in rice meal. This dish is often steamed in lotus leaves, but this version was sided by ‘lotus leaf’ steamed buns to eat sandwich style (粉蒸肉配荷叶饼). It was a very good rendition of this local dish, rich but not oily. The green bean and eggplant dish (茄子豇豆) was nicely turned out as well. Diners can order home-style dishes and pay under 50RMB per head, and also indulge in the menu’s fine dining options and pay closer to 100RMB each. We like the option of this restaurant in the neighbourhood.

Hou Yuan Xiang Chu
Hou Yuan Xiang Chu  Hou Yuan Xiang Chu  Hou Yuan Xiang Chu