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Dai Tang Yuan
7:30am - 9pm
32 - 8, Qinghua Rd., Qingyang District
028 8191 8548

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Chengdu residents shiver through the cold, damp winter months in a city that feels built for the more temperate weather we get during most of the year. However, something to savour about winter in Chengdu is sitting in one of the outdoor or unheated small restaurants, feeling just a bit too chilly, and leaning over a steaming bowl of noodles, dumplings, or some other comfort food. Tang yuan are a beloved winter snack enjoyed in many parts of China, with soft rice flour exteriors and sweet fillings usually made from peanuts, sesame, or other goodies. Chengdu has a few well known tang yuan houses, most famously Lai Tang Yuan, and top level restaurants also serve elaborately filled and rolled rice dumplings. We like keeping them on hand in the freezer.

Dai Tang Yuan specializes in this cold weather treat and has a large menu board that offers various kinds of local snacks including fried rice, flat and knife shaved noodles, wonton-like chao shou dumplings, and jiaozi dumplings. The main draw of the house, however, is the tang yuan, which are still made by hand in the store. The fillings are made from white sesame, black sesame, and brown sugar. The dumplings are served with a side of fragrant white sesame paste and coarse sugar, and the technique is to roll the dumpling in the paste and sugar before biting into it. Tang yuan are not rare in Chengdu, since most local snack restaurants offer them, but few places offer the side of sesame and sugar and places that make their own dumplings by hand are even rarer, with frozen dumplings so readily available. We think Dai Tang Yuan is worth a trip. Snacks are 5-10RMB; tang yuan 6.5RMB for a bowl of eight.

Dai Tang Yuan
Dai Tang Yuan