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Beijing Laotong Dumpling House
8am-out of fresh dumplingsThis dumpling shop behind the Guanghua Village Ren Ren Le has been open ab
1/F, Dadi Xinguanghua Square, 48-127, Guanghua Village St.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This dumpling shop behind the Guanghua Village Ren Ren Le has been open about half a year and has been doing very decent business amid lots of good eating options in the area. We went in to check it out and found several features elevating this shop above your average dumpling house. The dumplings are fresh made every day and never frozen, with a chalkboard menu that says what fillings are on offer at the moment. The skins are rolled thin enough that, once boiled, we can see which dumplings have which filling. The dumplings are not at all doughy or stodgy. Two liang is the minimum order but customers can order one liang each of different flavours. The fillings are usually pork with various vegetables such as corn, beans, cabbage, celery, and lotus root. We also like the option of getting fresh fried dumplings, at 8RMB per liang, which get cooked in a double press that gives both sides a good sear. A placard in the dining room lists all of their food and material suppliers with contact numbers.

The short list of side orders has a few local options such as bobo chicken and the spicy ‘wolf’s tooth’ potatoes as well as northern flavours like garlic tossed cucumbers and pig skin. They have dumpling water to drink, regular seaweed soup, and a tofu soup that was nourishing with black fungus and lotus root. The soup was bottomless and they also will boil up a plate of cabbage as a side for 2RMB. We saw some customers coming in to order fresh dumplings to be cooked at home. This has become our favourite dumpling shop in the area, and we usually drop around 15RMB per head when we drop in.

Beijing Laotong Dumpling House
Beijing Laotong Dumpling House  Beijing Laotong Dumpling House