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Let the Chuan Chuan Fly
73 Guanghua Village St.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This chuan chuan shop’s name and style is based on a 2010 comic western, Let the Bullets Fly, that became an instant classic. The movie’s bandit gang is known as ‘Ma Fei’, or the majiang bandits, and the gang members are referred to by the numbers on their majiang tile masks. It seems only fitting for a local eatery to pay tribute to a movie that is set in Sichuan and begins with a train robbery under a rain of hot pot soup.

The chuan chuan method is basic – you choose your skewers and give them to the server, and your order is cooked up and served either on a tray or in a bowl of spicy broth. The bill is toted up based on how many sticks you’ve eaten. For condiments, guests can order an oily or dry dipping plate (‘youdie’ or ‘gandie’) for three yuan. We dropped into the Guanghua branch shortly after six, and a few of the low tables were filled with students enjoying an after school snack and workers grabbing a bite before facing the home commute traffic.

They also offer beer, peanut milk, and snacks like rabbit heads and something called ‘golden bullets’ (jin zidan) which happen to be rabbit kidney covered generously with pepper. We have a suggestion for those who have not yet learned to enjoy eating entrails and are a little intimidated by the thought of eating pig brains or the various types of beef stomach: try something from a rabbit. They are tender and delicious, and the rabbit kidney (tu yao) is one of the hottest hot pot ingredients at the moment. Cost is around RMB20 per person, or more if you order the snacks. The rabbit kidneys are twelve yuan per dish of ten.

Let the Chuan Chuan Fly
Let the Chuan Chuan Fly Let the Chuan Chuan Fly