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Luji Huaxing Jian Dan Mian
8am - 4am
15-9, North Yulin Rd.
028 8557 5420

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
When this little noodle shop shuttered recently, we thought another historic small restaurant had closed down or was going to transform into a fast food chain. We were relieved to see the place open back up with both the cooking area and the front of the house much improved and updated. Tomato egg noodles are a Chengdu specialty, and one of the few local noodles that are not spicy. The ‘huaxing street’ kind usually are prepared with thin noodles in a light broth, topped with a crispy fried egg that is then smothered in tomatoes. The egg is crispy and fresh, which is a plus; pre-fried eggs are a common shortcut in local noodles houses but make a far less appealing bowl of noodles. The noodles are a great breakfast, lunch, or light dinner, but they no longer serve the snack-sized one liang servings. Besides the tomato egg noodles, they do noodles topped with pig foot, beef and green pepper, pork liver and pickled pepper, and green pepper and duck. A couple of fried rice plates are available as well.

Besides the house specialty, they also have trays of prepared food customers can choose like shredded potatoes, green beans, peppers, eggplant, tofu, and bean sprouts, and cold sliced cooked meats. We see a lot of people dropping in to make a light dinner of these dishes, especially in the hot weather, and in the summer evenings, people come by for ‘leng dan bei,’ plates of snacks to eat with beer. They no longer serve snack-sized one liang servings of noodles, however. They also do barbecue, stewed pigs foot, and dry pot for those wanting something more substantial than noodles. The prices have edged up; most tables were paying 10-20RMB/person for bowls of noodles with a side dish or two.

Luji Huaxing Jian Dan Mian
Luji Huaxing Jian Dan Mian Luji Huaxing Jian Dan Mian