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Suleiman Zhuafan
9am - 9pm
18-14, Minzhu Rd.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
‘Zhua’ fan is a dish often seen on Xinjiang style restaurant menus. The name means rice meant to be scooped up and eaten with the hands, but most of the customers in this little restaurant near the music conservatory were using spoons to dig into piles of the house specialty lamb zhua fan, fragrant rice mixed with carrots, chunks of tender lamb on the bone, and raisins. Beef zhua fan was also on the menu, but we didn’t see anyone ordering it. The servers ask customers by default if they want a thin-skinned dumpling (薄皮包子) and most customers added a dumpling or two to their plates. We followed suit and got two large dumplings stuffed generously with lamb and onions and sprinkled with pepper. The dishes came with side orders of spicy carrot salad and yogurt. Another order that every customer seemed to be requesting was a lamb skewer or two. The lamb skewers are 4RMB each and a bit leaner than we expected for this price, but the flavour was definitely good.

The menu is much more brief and to the point than your typical Xinjiang style restaurant around town. Besides the zhua fan, dumplings, and lamb skewers, they offer a classic Xinjiang big pan chicken, orders of red cooked lamb chops, and something called ‘pure’ lamb. Lamb kidneys are also barbecued on skewers. We saw several customers ordering large rounds of naan bread to go with their barbecue. The servers are super efficient and are good at getting customers in and out. When we arrived, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant but by the time we left the tables inside were full and several outside tables had also been set up. Most customers will drop between 20-30RMB/person. They also sell fresh lamb, Xinjiang yogurt, and milk.

Suleiman Zhuafan
Suleiman Zhuafan Suleiman Zhuafan