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Yiqiao Fresh Noodles
7:30am - 9pm
4-23, West Sect. 1st, Ring 1st Rd.
028 8556 6416

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Qidao Yan Street, winding south from the first ring near Gaoshengqiao, is a rich vein of local Chengdu food and snacks. Hot pot, barbecue, spicy mao cai, jiaozi, congee and other everyday favourites are found along the street with customers at popular places spilling onto sidewalk tables during busy times. We were exploring the street when a buckwheat noodle shop caught our eye. Fresh pressed buckwheat noodles (荞面) are popular in Chengdu, but this is the first time we’ve noticed buckwheat noodles made from black buckwheat (黑苦荞).

‘Kuqiao’ is local to the province, grown in the southern Liangshan area that is home to the Yi Minority people and is best known for being made into tea (苦荞茶). The shop displays information on the health benefits of black buckwheat, and a sign notes that all their food products are ecologically sourced and no artificial colours or MSG are used. The short menu offers noodles topped with beef, ribs, intestine, and spicy meat sauce. ‘Zhen zhu’ noodles are the vegetarian version. All noodles come in buckwheat or green tinted vegetable versions, and ‘emerald’ chao shou dumplings are also made with vegetable wrappers. We tried the vegetable noodles, which come out an appealing shade of green, and were covered with a slick of hot and numbing pepper which left our mouths tingling. Liang gao, which they had for a very reasonable 3RMB per portion, would be a suitable way to cool off after. The menu also offers fried rice and stuff over rice plates, which are served with a side of pickles and stewed quail eggs.

A stewed egg (lu dan) is 2RMB, the same price as most corner shops, and the crispy bitter buckwheat cake is also 2RMB per piece. Most noodle dishes ring up at 9RMB for small orders, and ten or eleven for large. And we cannot withhold praise of our server, Sun, who was cheerfully taking orders, serving customers, toting up checks, setting up and taking down the outside tables, and flipping crispy buckwheat cakes to order for most of the customers on the busy evening that we dropped by.

Yiqiao Fresh Noodles
Yiqiao Fresh Noodles Yiqiao Fresh Noodles Yiqiao Fresh Noodles