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Raindrop Restaurant
8am - 8pm
105-4, East Fangcao St.
028 8559 3308
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Raindrop is the local equivalent of a neighbourhood diner that serves up basic food to normal folks at modest prices. Like the diners of our past, many of these small local restaurants have, for better or worse, been pushed out of the market by fast food. However, Raindrop appears to be not only surviving but is very popular. Rather than the usual stir frys more suitable for groups to share, the posted menu lists several fried rice plates and ‘gai fan’ set meals for solo diners. Their twice cooked pork over rice (回锅肉盖饭) appears to be a very popular choice. Lighter appetites might prefer to eat gao sun and wood ear mushroom stir fried with pork slices (高笋木耳肉片盖饭). During noon there are lunchtime combos being served over mountains of rice near the door, which means customers arrive, find a seat, and get their order within a minute or so. The kitchen, visible in the back, is spic and span. The servers never seem rushed but are super efficient as they bring bowls of rice water to drink and clear plates. During lunchtime customers are likely to be sharing tables with uniformed students from Yulin Middle School across the street or with white or blue collar workers on lunch break.

Although the menu board lists only single serving choices, they do have an extensive menu of classic Sichuan dishes suitable for sharing. We admire that they make their twice cooked pork with the proper cut of meat from the belly, and they offer both garlic stem and potato versions. The going bao chicken is tangy and generous with chicken and fragrant peanuts. They do a very good, fragrant, homestyle tofu. We like classics done right. Set meals and fried rice plates 12-14RMB, 15-25RMB per person for stir fried dishes.

Raindrop Restaurant
Raindrop Restaurant Raindrop Restaurant