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Organic Concept Vegetarian Restaurant
9am - 8:30am
15 - 36, South Section 4th, Ring 1st Rd.
186 2805 3231
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
With all the new carnivore-tempting eateries in town lately, MORE has got some catching-up to do on the vegetarian side. We recently noticed a Groupon for a newly-opened “organic concept” vegetarian restaurant near Hongpailou, and seized the chance to drop in. This is a major restaurant area in an office complex with lots of residential buildings around, so there were a few tables of business diners and some “ladies who lunch” (as they say). The servers are new at their posts but were conscientiously taking care of customers, keeping our water cups filled from a pitcher that contained fresh lotus leaves and petals.

Their menu features mainly Chinese dishes and local treats (twice-cooked pork and gong bao chicken) that have been vegefied. We were also intrigued to see a Tibetan dish on the menu in the form of the familiar meat-and-potato pie -- the veg option is potato only. A lot of attention is paid to the presentation, with the colours and the shapes of the food providing their own decoration on dishes like battered and fried lotus petals. The fried lotus petals are served with rose-flavoured jam and lotus seeds, and shan yao in a golden sauce. The soup was made from winter melon and the fat, barley-like grain known as yi ren, so the dishes are not only meatless but made from traditional, healthy ingredients.

The menu is an e-version that has pictures and dish descriptions in Chinese. Most of the menu will run 50-80RMB per guest, but there is a daily specials board outside for the budget conscious. Drinks are 30RMB for a cup of beet juice or yogurt or 50-90RMB for teas and imported drinks.

Organic Concept Vegetarian Restaurant
Organic Concept Vegetarian Restaurant