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Snail Rice Noodles Restaurant
1/F,Lemon Aquare, Sect. 4, 2nd South Ring
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
With all the noisy, dusty construction going on at the south first ring we almost didn't notice this quirky new rice noodle shop open up near the Gaoshengqiao East Road bridge. The specialty of the house, which name translates to “snail rice noodles,” is not local, but is native to the Guangxi area in the south. We asked the boy behind the counter if there were really snails; he said snails were used in the soup broth. The chalkboard menu lists a few set meals, all with a bowl of noodles as the base, with sides like fried pig's feet, chicken claw, an egg, spicy fried tofu, or vegetables. We asked for guidance when deciding the spice level for our order and were told they usually crank the heat up pretty high and we should go with mild, or “wei la.”

“Wei la” is plenty spicy here, but when the order landed on the table the first bites were a little underwhelming – just rice noodles in soup, and we were thinking we'd rather be digging into a bowl of Mianyang-style rice noodles from closer to home. However, as we got further into the bowl we started appreciating the combination of ingredients. There were in the soup a number of interesting bits and pieces -- tofu skin, bamboo shoot, strips of wood ear mushroom, and peanuts; and we even picked out a few chunks of star anise and cassia. There was obvious attention paid both to combination of textures and flavours in the bowl of noodles.

Set meals are 15RMB-23RMB and include a soft drink or green bean soymilk. The sides are also available a la carte; there is something called 'seven inch' for 15RMB we're going to have to order just to see what it is. We will probably get takeout next time there is construction outside the door.

Snail Rice Noodles Restaurant