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Mr. Liu Stewed Chicken Dumplings
24 hours
1, South Shuangqing Rd., Qingyang District
8171 7793
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
“Business is good here,” observed one half of the couple who had just sat down at my table, the statement reflecting the fact that customers often share tables with other parties during busy times. These tables, shielded from the street by bushes, have long been a favourite Jinsha-area destination for chao shou, the dumplings which, with their extra folds of skin, do such a good job of soaking up spicy seasonings and toppings.

The menu has changed a bit since we last visited but they still offer chao shou in one, two, or three liang servings. We are fans of the specialty of the house, chao shou in rich chicken soup (炖鸡抄手), which is instant comfort-food on a chilly day. Customers can also order bowls of fresh noodles served in the same soup, which we saw a few people slurping up. Bolder palates will appreciate the mixture of seasonings in their spicy chao shou, (红油抄手), and chunks of cooked chicken and other various chicken parts tossed in a spicy seasoning (凉拌鸡块), which we saw on many tables. We asked for an order of chicken soup from the menu, which came out nice and fragrant, perfectly salted with a few chunks of chicken on the bone in the bottom of the crock. We appreciate that they offer a few trays of greens to choose from; most customers combine green beans (长豆) with black fungus (木耳). The vegetation is also carefully cooked and seasoned with garlic and spicy pickled peppers.

The lunchtime crowd is made up of neighbourhood types and students and staff from Cai Da University. Prices are very reasonable – one liang of chao shou is still 6RMB, a bargain in a town where we've been paying eight or nine for good chao shou lately – but most people are ordering soup and side dishes and paying around 25RMB per person.

Mr. Liu Stewed Chicken Dumplings
Mr. Liu Stewed Chicken Dumplings