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Mu's Beef Restaurant
10am - 9:30pm
L509B, 5/F, YangGuang Center, 87, East Section 5th, Ring 1st Rd.
6250 0393

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This restaurant on the top floor of the Yangguang Mall is dedicated to beef. The menu is categorized by cut of meat, and has both their names and taste-descriptions of each dish. It's a very easy menu to navigate if you can read Chinese characters; for the hanzi-challenged, the most popular dishes are in red with pepper icons designating heat-levels -- mild, medium or spicy.

We went with a Xinjiang-style big pan beef from the brisket section. The large chunks of meat were tender and well-stewed in a savoury tomato sauce with lots of potatoes. From the beef tendon section, we just pointed to the dish printed in red. When it came to the table the dish was so odd looking we thought there had been some mistake, but it was so delicious everyone wanted to lick the plate. For vegetables, they do something a bit special called “sunshine eggplant.” Served on a sizzling plate, the dish came bubbling with a dark sauce. The eggplant was stuffed with meat and arranged around a fried egg -- it was fantastic and one of the best things on the table. We wanted to order the 'dragon' ribs but they were sold out.

The menu also has a barbecue section with skewers of wagyu, regular chunks of beef, lamb, beef heart, and other tidbits that are ordered per stick. We had to try the black pepper wagyu, which were 10RMB per stick. They were very tasty but chewy – next time we might ask for them to be cooked rare.

The servers were friendly but as the dining room got busier they had to be called or waved over. We had some memorable dishes and would not hesitate to return. Average cost is less than 50RMB per person, but the bill can add up quickly if you order lots of the Wagyu skewers.

More meat that you can shake a stick at, although if you indulge in their tasky skewers you’ll certainly have a lot of sticks to shake. The menu is in Chinese only, but at least you can use the chili pepper icons to determine how spicy your mystery flesh will be. Unleash your inner carnivore for 50RMB per person, and make sure you try the “sunshine eggplant.”

Mu's Beef Restaurant
Mu's Beef Restaurant Mu's Beef Restaurant