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Yuelaiyue Tea Cafe
30 - 1, South Renmin Rd., Wuhou District
8521 6418

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We've been meaning to come and check out this Hong Kong style cafe on the Yulin side of Renmin Nan Lu just because of the name -- a play on words that means eating Cantonese food brings joy. We finally dropped-in on a recent weekday for lunch and found a menu of Cantonese style barbecue, fried rice noodles, congee, dim sum, and pineapple buns.

The specialty items include a dim sum sampler and chicken soup served in a coconut shell, but we wanted to try their baozai fan, which is rice covered with a savoury topping and cooked in a ceramic bowl until the rice gets all crispy and fragrant. The server told us this would take at least half an hour, and so we walked over to check-out the barbecue hanging in the window. Choice pieces seemed to have been served to other customers, so we got an order of rice rolls and some vegetables cooked with black beans and fish.

The rice rolls in casserole were tasty, though both the dish’s name and price had led us to expect there would be some meat in it, and we couldn't find any. The greens and our drinks, one coffee and one 'yuanyang' (a mix of coffee and tea and milk) were standard. The server finally brought the baozai fan to the table, poured soy sauce over it, and mixed it up for us. It had sweet, funky, and rich sliced Cantonese style sausage and cured pork belly over the rice, which had a good crust on it. This was the highlight of the dishes, even though the half hour wait had raised our expectations. But yes: We would return for this dish alone.
We asked to be seated away from the smokers and ended up in a small table in the back, which was fine though it was at times tough to get the attention of servers. The interior is large and each table feels private, with plenty of space between tables. Some booths could seat up to a dozen, and there are a couple of private rooms. Our bill for a lunch for two was 101RMB.

Bill was 101RMB for lunch for two.

Yuelaiyue Tea Cafe
Yuelaiyue Tea Cafe Yuelaiyue Tea Cafe