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Mintaiyuan Restaurant
3004, 3/F, Meixi Plaza, 49 East Zijing Rd.
8327 6818

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We've really been enjoying this new shopping and leisure centre just south of the park in Zijing. The dining options in particular reflect a well-planned mix of coffee, drinks, Chinese, Western and other cuisines to suit a variety of budgets. We dropped in one evening to check out a restaurant featuring Xiamen cuisine, which we don't often run into in town. The staff explained the food in Xiamen is very seafood-based and has a lot of influence from Taiwan.

Our server talked us into trying the Cold Roast Beef as an appetizer. It was fine, with thin slices of beef covering a pile of seasoned celery, but we will probably try a different cold dish next time. She also steered us away from the tofu dish we first asked for, suggesting instead one that had tofu cubes stuffed with meat – it was a winner. The Three Cup Chicken is a must try. It arrived sizzling in a cast iron bowl and gave off a fantastic fragrance when the lid was lifted. It had chicken on the bone in a dark, sweet, gingery sauce sided with peppers, onions and basil that kept our chopsticks coming back for more. We asked about greens and the server listed about half a dozen, including broccoli, pea shoots and cabbage. We ended up getting a simple order of you mai, which was prepared with care. Dishes we hope to check out in the future are their Oyster Omelet, Satay Noodles and some of their seafood specialties.

One great feature of this restaurant is the roof patio, with shaded tables and an abundance of greenery and flowers even in the chilly months. A couple of the restaurant's private rooms, which could suit groups of around a dozen, are located on this upper level too. We noticed many neighbourhood people have discovered this is a first rate place to relax in the afternoon with a cup of tea or a glass of the House Special Plum Juice, which is puckery and flavourful. Ladies were being served a free glass of this concoction when we were there; some of the table loved it, and it brought back memories of Chinese medicine for others. The bill runs slightly above 50RMB per person.

Mintaiyuan Restaurant
Mintaiyuan Restaurant