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Chongzhou Buckwheat Noodles and Bedspread Noodles
60-10 Jinxing Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This hopping noodle shop has displayed a remarkable consistency over the years, remaining one of the more reliable places to grab a quick bite in the ever-changing downtown. The specialty of the house is buckwheat noodles which are made to order in one of the traditional presses that extrudes noodles directly into a vat of boiling water. The noodles can also be ordered yuanyang style, or half buckwheat noodles, half rice noodles (鸳鸯). They are topped with stewed beef by default. Saying yes to the la jiao in this noodle shop is a serious commitment since they are generous with the hot oil, and the effect of the numbing Sichuan pepper is particularly strong. The usual noodle side dishes are available for a few yuan, a boiled or fried egg or vegetables, but they were out of greens on our last visit.

The other main menu event is hand pulled bedspread noodles (铺盖面). The pu gai mian at this shop are a little rougher textured than the norm and are thick in some places and thinner in others. The ideal bedspread noodle is smooth and even. However, judging from the number of bowls of bedspread noodles on the tables, people enjoy the texture contrast of these noodles, and the seasonings do a good job of clinging to the rough surface. They can also be topped with ribs (排骨铺盖面), shredded pork and preserved vegetable (酸菜肉丝铺盖面), and chicken entrails (鸡杂铺盖面) – the latter of which is one of the more popular offerings. Regular wheat noodles are also served but are not as popular as the buckwheat noodles or yuanyang.

The staff move efficiently through the motions of taking orders, cooking, serving and cleaning up around a constant turnover of hungry customers. The workers from Qingshiqiao market to white collar types and shoppers from the Fortune Centre seem equally at home here.

Chongzhou Buckwheat Noodles and Bedspread Noodles
Chongzhou Buckwheat Noodles and Bedspread Noodles