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Lvrou Huoshao restaurant
B1/F, Galleria Mall, 99 Shengheyi Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Donkey meat is something we run into infrequently in Chengdu, but it still pops up on high-end menus and tables as a cold sliced meat, and in less formal settings in bowls of rice noodles. We were recently paying a long overdue visit to the Galleria Mall near the south train station and noticed a small shop in the centre aisle busy selling lv rou huo shao – round sandwiches filled with chopped donkey meat. We watched the production for a while, noting how the food handling staff worked with care and obvious attention to detail, before deciding to try the wares.

There is nothing on the menu besides sandwiches and 'Old Beijing' sour plum juice, so we decided to try one of each and ordered the zhao pai signature sandwich and a glass of cool juice. The juice tasted like a lite version but at 5 kuai we can't complain about anything. The sandwich was made from fresh baked bread that was somehow made up of strips of dough similar to a 'thousand layer' bun but was not greasy. The worker chose a tender chunk of red-cooked meat from one of the pots, and while chopping it up asked if we wanted mild or hot green peppers added. He then moistened the meat with a little broth from the pot and carefully slid the chopped mixture into the bun.

The paper that wrapped our sandwich was printed with informative facts – donkey has a quarter the fat of beef, a fifth the fat of lamb and a twentieth the fat of pork. Donkey also has 1.69 times as much protein as beef, 1.46 times the protein of lamb and 1.58 times that of pork. The unsaturated fatty acid content of donkey is 3 times that of beef, 1.3 times that of lamb and 3.1 times as high as pork. At 12RMB, the sandwich was a bit more expensive than most Xian style rou jia mo chopped meat sandwiches that we can get in town, and a lot more expensive than local guo kui, another type of stuffed sandwich that is more likely to be filled with seasoned vegetables and tofu than meat. However, given its evidently superior nutrition, the sandwich is a good buy, not to mention delicious. We’ll definitely stop and get one again when we’re in Galleria.

Lvrou Huoshao restaurant