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Zhang Ji Dumplings
8am - 9pm
12-28 Wuhouciheng St.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This popular Minorities University area dumpling shop is a favourite among students and neighbourhood folks alike. A sister establishment to the venerable Da Dong Bei restaurant just down the block, the place serves dumplings by liang, with basic fillings such as pork and cabbage (白菜肉) or egg and chive (韭菜鸡蛋) going for five yuan per liang, and fillings like lamb (纯羊肉) selling for up to eight yuan per liang. Most of our favourites are in the middle of the menu; we like the fragrant pork and shiitake mushroom filling (香菇) or the tangy pork and suancai filling(酸菜肉). The egg and chive is the only vegetarian option on the menu. They also offer a chicken and chive filling, a few types of beef filling, and a “triple freshness” (三鲜) that includes pork and shrimp. The servers take your order and then bring a bowl of dumpling water and an empty dipping plate. While waiting for dumplings to be cooked to order, customers mix soy sauce, vinegar, spicy oil, sugar, salt, MSG and Sichuan pepper in the plate.

Besides dumplings, the menu offers North Korea style cold noodles (朝鲜凉面) and Northeast hand pulled noodles (东北手撕面), but the sleeper on the menu, on the bottom right hand corner without a list price, is a dish that regulars will recognize from Da Dong Bei – Northeast Style Mixed Vegetables (东北凉拌菜). It's the best Asian Slaw you’ll ever try, with shredded cabbage, cucumber, carrots, tofu strips and rice noodles tossed with a generous amount of red peppers in a just sweet enough vinegar dressing. Cooked dumplings to eat in are six per liang; frozen dumplings to cook at home are seven per liang. Minimum order is two liang per person, but most customers dig into plates of three or more.

Zhang Ji Dumplings