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Luzhou Old Noodle Shop
16-77 South Sect. 2nd, Ring 1st Rd.
6648 7080
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Luzhou noodles are one of the more distinct Sichuan regional styles. They are made with more alkali than regular noodles and are shaped into a fine, flat noodle that is quite tender and pliable. One of our favourite places to eat these noodles is this little shop on the south first ring, right next to computer city. Many of the customers are wearing work clothes from the computer city area or are toting boxes of electronics.

The menu here has changed over the years. Their spicy beef noodles (生椒牛肉面) are still popular, but the spicy chicken noodles are gone. One of the more popular noodles, an unusually non-spicy offering, is pork and radish (酸萝卜肉绍面). Most people just order them by announcing, “Luobo” as they are seated. We have not seen this flavour of noodle at any other place, and they hit the spot on a chilly morning. They also serve the standard jiajiang noodles, and one called dou chi noodles(干拌豆豉面) that have a deceptively bland topping of pickled beans and ground pork over a base of spicy oil with plenty of kick. Bowls of greens, stewed eggs and chicken legs are sold on the side. Their very good pickles are self-serve, as is the noodle water if you are thirsty. For around ten kuai customers can have noodles with a side dish or two. The only annoyance about the place is its unpredictable opening times; we've often seen the door closed during the day – starting us mourning yet another great favourite lost – only to see the place as busy as ever the next time we roll by. Usual hours are from 7:30am to 3:30pm.

Luzhou Old Noodle Shop