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Red Tomato Pizza
9-3, Zongyuan Lane, North Kehua Rd.
028 6685 4545

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Nice Find (more chengdu)
A great hole-in-the-wall pizza place with homemade whole wheat crusts. Delivery, beer, bagels, some Chinese options… all of them are quite tasty. The place is small and thus not friendly to large groups unless you split up. Take the address with you because it can be hard to find. English menu available.

Red Tomato Pizza - cooking class (Aussie in Chengdu)
I attended a cooking class at Red Tomato Pizza where I was given your magazine :) It was a fantastic class and I encourage anyone interested in learning Asian cuisine to go to next class on 29 April. Julene is a wonderful host who speaks Chinese and English.

Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
While Chengdu is not without decent pizza options, Red Tomato Pizza is a singularly welcomed new addition. Located down a charming alley off Ke Hua road near Sichuan University’s west gate, the place at first appears to be yet another alluring hole-in-the-wall, except for the warm pumpkin paint and the fact that it sells fantastic pizza at a good price.
Paint job aside, Red Tomato’s focus is food first, ambiance second. The place is sparsely decorated, well-lit, and utilitarian. The ingredients, including the whole wheat flour crusts, are mostly made from scratch and it shows on the first bite. The tomato sauce is sweet, the ingredients fresh, and the cheese stays attached to the crust instead of sliding off in some sort of coagulated mass when you bite into it. Nor is it a simple mass of buttery grease. Although if you like sauce, tell the server because the default favors cheese over sauce. They offer five standard pizzas (including a truly vegetarian pizza) plus a build-your-own option, and the prices range from 30 to 60RMB.
The menu is not, however, limited to traditional pizzas. Pleasing to the single nosher craving fiber are the wide varieties of wheat bagel pizzas that cost, um, nothing and are available for takeout (or delivery). Red Tomato also has great soup, salad, chicken potpie (a little short on chicken when we went, alas) and dessert pies with blueberry, apple, pumpkin and sweet potato. Again, the crust is perfect.
The Red Tomato offers a lot of teas and real milkshake, and while they plan to offer red wine, at present they only have cans of Tsingtao and 20oz Budweisers. But, they’ve promised that a proper liquor menu is on its way.

Red Tomato Pizza
Red Tomato Pizza