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Peter's Tex Mex Grill, Kehua Branch
7:30am - 11pm
117 North Kehua Rd.
028 8522 7965
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A Classic (more chengdu)
The name pretty much says it. Don’t be surprised to find the staff donning clothes in the fashion of a Texas flag. Bottomless coffee. Great burger. Great Burrito. Oh yeah, and homemade ice cream. English menu available.

What is Pete thinking?? (txgrl)
As a foreigner living in China for the past few years I feel like maybe I give 'foreign' restaurants a little too much credit sometimes..

coming from Texas I could not be more disappointed with a restaurant that name's itself after my home state..

Each time I have gone there my food has not only been bland but the kitchen conveniently 'forgets' to add crucial ingredients to their burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. My steak burrito which is supposed to have meat, cheese, rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream..only came with meat and rice..white rice..

How can a restaurant respectfully earn business when they expect us to pay out rageous prices for ingredients found at the shangdian behind the place?

And are they kidding when they give you a teaspoon serving of sour cream for over $2?

I would like to meet this Pete..if he even really exists.. and give him an amateur cooking lesson at best (i'm terrible, but comparatively I should be Michelin rated) just to show what any restaurant patron expects to see on their plate for 50rmb.