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Highfly Pizza, Binjiang Branch
11am - 10:30pm
18, Central Binjiang Rd.
028 8665 2656

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Good Value (more chengdu)
Good pizzas at competitive prices. Good location too, right near Ella Vino and Dave’s Oasis, makes this a Highly recommended place to start on a night out. You can also find vegetarian options and pastas too. English menu available.

Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
Out near the Shangri-La a treasure trove of restaurants are opening up. One of which is the new High-Fly Pizza, three stories of pizzeria glory. The whole place has a pastel-colored, country home feel. The staff is warm, friendly and eager to please. The menu ranges from pizza to pasta to tuna sandwiches. This is a great place to come to start a night out on the town, and is well located for travelers bouncing through the city.

When picking a seat, we’d suggest, despite their allure, avoid the couches—they don’t provide enough back support. We found their menu to cover a lot of ground in terms of dishes and accessibility, but found holes within the dishes themselves. The food itself was good but felt unpolished. They have just recently opened so we think they’re just working out the kinks, but don’t be surprised if your banana split is missing a scoop of ice cream.

What this High-Fly’s branch really has going for it is location. Just across the river you have the river street bars, and just a bit south is the infamous Babi II Club.

Highfly Pizza, Binjiang Branch
Highfly Pizza, Binjiang Branch