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Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant
11am - 11pm
2/F, 25 Kejia Lane, Chunxi Rd.
028 8665 1828

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The taxi problem around here isn’t something we have to talk about. We’ve just got to wait for the subway to be finished. People in higher places busy their time with solving the problems. And what do we know? We’re no traffic-ologists. Anyone can spot a problem, but solving it is a different story. We do our best to dodge it – kill a couple of birds with one arrow as the old local saying goes. We get to one area in town that has everything we need. The Blue Caribbean Plaza has got just that. On one afternoon last month, we shot down a few birds when we did a little work over a coffee in The Edge Café, grabbed a predinner drink at the Leg & Whistle (see intro on page 29), had a little sashimi and sake action in Hokkai Do, and then shot over to Paname Café (see intro on page 29), for some salsa sightseeing. We were lucky because we left early enough to get a cab, but when no cab is in sight, bus number 55 stops down at the plaza (Zhanglin Si bus station). So what if the bus is crowded. People pay for drinks in Paname because it’s jammed packed.
Hokkai Do is a cozy joint with fish nets hanging off the ceiling and a variety of baijiu and sake to warm the soul. Dinner arrived via a cordial waitress who had no problem understanding us when our Chinese failed us on a couple of dishes. Everyone was satisfied. As it should be we drank our sake cold except for the one flask we asked to be heated for the sake bombers. Does anything pound down smoother than a hot shot of sake dropped in a cold glass of beer? No one turned up late. Our dinner for four ran at 510RMB, and we were stuffed, not to mention a bit wobbly. By the time we rolled out of Paname, taxis were everywhere, and our quiver was still full of arrows.

Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant
Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant