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Peterpan Italian Restaurant
10am - 11pm
8 West Xiaotian St.
028 8557 7058

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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
A few things have come out of Modena, Italy that you might have heard of. Do the words Ferrari, parmesan or balsamic vinegar ring a bell? All of them come from Modena. Well, have you heard this? A little bit of that prolific city has found its way to Chengdu. News to you? That’s why you’ve got us.
Claudio Bonfatti left his home in Modena for a new life in Beijing where he opened the first Peterpan Italian Restaurant. To be completely honest, with a name like Peterpan… let’s just say we didn’t have high hopes. So our heads nearly exploded when we ordered the Insalata Caprese and were asked to wait.
“You like mozzarella?” Claudio asked. We nodded enthusiastically.
“Wait right here,” he said. “I’ll make you some fresh.”
And that was just the beginning. Let’s talk pasta. Need we say that the pasta here is done al dente? (We’d almost forgotten how noodles are supposed to be cooked after all the la mien we’ve consumed over the years. Or wait, is it the Italians who do it wrong?) How ‘bout the produce? Hand-picked from the market every morning. But that’s not even the good part. This is more than a mere Italian restaurant: it’s a little spot of paradise. There’s something magical going on in that kitchen. Maybe it’s the Grandma’s Ricotta Cheesecake being baked up, or maybe they’ve splurged and are roasting an entire lamb. There are always mysterious aromas wafting in from the back. The menu does have the classics, e.g. pizza. Craving a real, Italian one? With Prosciutto? A simple Pizza Margherita? They are here.
It might be a ways out there, but the location is charming. Go on a warm night and relax on the patio with a bottle of wine and enjoy cuisine prepared in the classic Italian style: simple. English menu available.

Peterpan Italian Restaurant
Peterpan Italian Restaurant