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11am - 10:30pm
19-4 Centrel Bingjiang Rd.
028 8667 0399

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*** (more chengdu)
Bright and beautiful interior design. Delicious Indian food. Try the Garlic Naan and a curry from their large selection. They can accommodate large parties yet maintain an intimate setting. English menu available.

Monica Liau (more chengdu)
Nestled in the same complex as Highfly Pizza, next to the Sofitel Wanda, Cacaja Indian is easy to miss, but worth the visit. One Saturday night, we found ourselves wedged into a back corner table. All the other tables were full of diverse and animated clientele. The interior itself is ornate and cozy, with warm lighting and a TV that plays genuine Bollywood cinema. This is a great place for a small party of friends, or a date. The vegetarian samosa starter arrived full of nicely seasoned potatoes and peas, though the quality and flavor vary from day to day. The vegetable raita, amazingly, uses thick unsweetened yogurt that pairs nicely with spicy dishes. You may want to actually avoid Cacaja at night on the weekends, as our food took a really long time in coming and was hit or miss. My date and I had finished an overly creamy mixed vegetable masala and two orders of garlic naan before the Tandoori Chicken finally arrived. While well seasoned, it was unevenly cooked and not worth the wait. However, finding ourselves back in the area on a Monday afternoon, we stopped by, craving curry. Curried yellow lentils, a dish easy to botch or bore, came out thick, fragrant and delicious. The chicken tikka masala had a smoky red sauce so good that my eating partner was compelled to order a bowl of rice especially to soak up every last flavorful bite. The moral of this story: Eat at Cacaja at a time when your food will get the most attention. A hearty meal for two including drinks comes out to about 100 RMB. English menu available.