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Little House Café and Bar
12am - 2am
33 Ruiming St
028 8518 8972

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Pete Sweeney (more chengdu)
Not to be confused with the Little Bar (either one of them), the Little House is distinctive mainly for its fabulous location on the Ruiming walking street, which is one of my favorite places to hang out when the weather gets warm. As the general local populace turns out consistently and in force to gang dance, waltz, drink beverages, drive miniature electrical cars around like maniacs (kids only) the Ruiming walking street becomes the place to go if you like to people watch. The street is lined with cafes, tea houses, bars, and random shops, and it really is one of the best outdoor, civil-society vibes in Chengdu, even if it is only a block long.
The Little House faces this funhouse, and has even placed some tables out in the midst of it. This doesn’t mean the inside isn’t worth hanging out in. It’s appropriately lit with Tibetan lamps and eccentrically decorated with paintings, dartboards, and one bicycle frame hanging from the wall. There’s free wireless internet and a decent menu featuring an international mélange of dishes ranging from pizza to Indonesian rice, and a similar variety of teas, coffees, and cocktails. For some reason, every item on the menu (with the exception of the peanuts) is priced between 10 and 20 renminbi.
I’d mainly recommend the Little House for drinking booze, fruit juice, or tea, and watching the movable gab-fest rolling by outside. Bring cards or a book or somebody you haven’t talked the ear off of in a while. The food is fine but unexceptional- I mean, if you’re going there to do internet work, by all means, eat! And at these prices it’s nothing to complain about. Warning: While they give you a complementary plate of nuts, some of the nuts appear to be carved from stone or forged in some sort of unholy furnace, so bite down carefully.

Little House Café and Bar
Little House Café and Bar