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Matsuzaka Japanese Restaurant
11:00am - 22:00pm
2/F, behind Friendship Hotel, 1 Lingshiguan Rd.
028 8525 3228

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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
Chances are you’ve walked right by this place many a time without paying it a moment’s notice. Matuzaka is a stone’s throw from the American Consulate, a place that happens to be an area of heavy foot traffic. But a Japanese place? By the consulate? Really?

Really. Here’s how to find the place: find the American Consulate and walk east to the Friendship Hotel. Just after the Friendship Hotel is an alley, take a left. Look for the red lanterns and you’re there.

The night in question, the four of us arrived and kicked off our shoes, ordered a bottle of Sake (55RMB), and a few Asahi beers (15RMB). The green tea was tasty, but the wait staff was a little slow on the refill. In fact, the biggest critique we have of the place is that the wait staff is a bit inept. Our fuwuyuan managed to drop one of our beers. But worry not, the fish, oh the precious cuts of fish were just fantastic. The squid was particularly nice served with a slice of lemon to add or not depending upon your taste..

The menu is multilingual and vast. You can even have your food brought to you on a little boat. The menu also offers box sets, noodles, sushi and sashimi a la carte or, of course, in the standard all-you-can-eat option.

We went for the all-you-can-eat option (68RMB lunch, 88 RMB dinner). Unfortunately there was no all-you-can-drink option. Once the food came, it kept coming, and we loaded up on sushi, sashimi, and wasabi. With our gullets full and belts unbuckled, we waddled out. Overall the restaurant was more than worth it. We shall not pass by without noticing it again.

BAD BAD BAD! (Keith)
This review is in deperate need of an update.

We went there thinking it's only 88 RMB for dinner. It's now 158 RMB for dinner. The food was overall bad as well.

Salmon was kinda fresh but a bit slimy, don't bother with the rest of the stuff sashimi. The tuna had streaks of chewy fat that made it hard to eat. They ran out of certain dishes items like squid (on a friday night???), chicken liver etc. It now includes "sake" which is actually not real sake, but chinese rice wine. Chawanmushi came 1 hour after being ordered. We asked about it 4 or 5 times in between. Califonia maki/temaki/sushi/handroll comes with APPPLE and Cucumber. NOT crab stick and avocado. They said it's china's way of making it. I've eaten other jap buffet in china and it's not so. Cod fish was slimy and weird. The grilled mackerel is SOUR. Sushi rice is hard and stale (suspected left overnight)

Tempura is fresh and pretty good. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Place is nicely decorated and warm. Wealth sushi uses the belly portion of the salmon is good (refer to rice above). Green tea is decent.

Pick another place. Hokkaido restaurant for instance has average japanese buffet, but at least it's not crappy.

Matsuzaka Japanese Restaurant
Matsuzaka Japanese Restaurant