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Sapporo Ramen Kikusui
10am - 10pm
7/ F, Isetan, Block B, Lidu Plaza, 8 Dakejia Ln.
028 8667 0577

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Monica Liau (more chengdu)
The luxury Isetan Department Store poses an unlikely place to find good deals on meals. However, on the seventh floor you’ll find Sapporo Ramen Kikusui (菊水烤肉和拉面) which offers high-quality northern Japanese cuisine in a minimalistic atmosphere and a menu with pictures, but no English. On entrance, we were greeted by cheery waitresses who asked “kaorou haishi mian?” which means, “barbeque or noodles?” We chose kaorou (烤肉自助)which is all-you-can-eat for 58yuan (lunch) or 88yuan (dinner). To go all out and eat really high-end meats, try tiebanshao (铁板烧) for an additional 62yuan.

Sapporo allots 1.5 and 2 hours of straight eating for lunch and dinner respectively. Ample enough time to peruse the seemingly endless barbeque and side dish options. All are included in the price and cooked sans MSG. Our marathon began with the fatty beef (feiniu肥牛) reminiscent of bacon. The chicken (jirou鸡肉) and squid (youyu鱿鱼) were both fresh. However, the “meat winner” at our table was cow tongue (shetou舌头), tender and served in a marinade of crushed garlic and spices. Mushrooms(蘑菇), pumpkin(南瓜), and eggplant(茄子) also do well on the grill.

Of the side dishes, cold tofu (lengdoufu 冷豆腐) sauced in a sweet vinegar was ordered and finished off 3 times over. For the adventurous try shengbanniurou (生拌牛肉), raw beef marinated in soy and sesame then topped with a raw egg. It was rather shocking to face the ingestion of raw meat, but we found the flavors well worth the fear. The options also include salads, noodles and rice dishes. Beverages are included, though alcohol only at dinner. Youzicha (柚子茶) is a nice citrusy way to lighten the meal.

Sapporo Ramen Kikusui
Sapporo Ramen Kikusui