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Paulaner Braühaus Restaurant
4pm - 1am
1/ F Kempinski Hotel, 42, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd.
028 8526 9999 5540

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Meg Young (more chengdu)
Craving sausage? The Paulaner Braühaus at the Kempinski Hotel in south-central Chengdu will not disappoint. From curried sausage to the Munich, from Bavarian sweet mustard to the Nurnberger paired with sauerkraut, this little slice of Germany means business. To experience the most “classic” sausage flavor, our dining crew selected the Pfalzer (60 RMB), paired with the best mustard in Chengdu. For any true mustard-craving ex-pat, this detail alone may be reason enough to have a meal here.

You can choose to snuggle up with your sausage in one of the booths, however, there is certainly room to accommodate larger groups in the open and decidedly male-dominated atmosphere (we aren’t lying when we say it is a sausage-fest). No matter where you sit, you will be treated to the sight of an open kitchen and the golden Paulaner brewing tanks. This microbrewery produces crisp, light to medium-bodied beers (though perhaps the darkest fresh brews you’ll find in Chengdu). The Radler (58 RMB) is Teuton for a Shandy. They add lemonade to your beer, which adds a surprisingly refreshing counter to the richly-flavored sausage.

The menu includes a fun history of Paulaner beer, which comes from an antique recipe used by the monks of the Paulaner Monastery during the 17th century. The monks brewed and drank this beer during periods of fasting in order to keep up their strength, then sold the rest and/or gave it to the poor. This attitude of drinking on an empty stomach and buying drinks for poor friends lives on in Chengdu today, so it’s safe to assume this restaurant will remain a local classic.

You can enjoy an entrée and a beer for around 120 RMB, and soups and salads are available for 30-80 RMB. Did we mention that hearty baskets of bread and doughy pretzels come free of charge? To complete the true feel of Western-dining, there is a 15% service charge on all meals. However, a night at the Paulaner will leave you stuffed, happy, and feeling like a true Bavarian. English menu available.

Paulaner Braühaus Restaurant
Paulaner Braühaus Restaurant