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Youyou Japanese Restaurant
10am - 12pm
205, 2/F, Soho City, 60 North Kehua Rd.
028 8535 6626

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Monica Liau (more chengdu)
SoHo on North Kehua Road boasts two Japanese restaurants, but if you’re in the mood for good quality sashimi and sushi in addition to the standard tempura, grab yourself a seat at Youyou Japanese. We love sitting at the bar, where you can watch the chefs professionally slice, dice, toss, daub, roll and/or fry your food. The wait-staff are super friendly and, due to the small size of the restaurant, are able to give each diner some personal attention and advice, even on busy nights. The best reason to go here is the 100 yuan all-you-can-eat (自助) which goes from 5-9 in the evening. This includes sashimi and alcohol. Be aware though the sashimi (生鱼片) and sushi are ordered piece by piece, which is great for sampling, but order lots! For the all-you-can-eat, you are handed piles of little yellow slips with different dish categories. There is no English, which can be challenging, but most of the waitresses know the Japanese dish names, for instance, sushi (军舰卷), tempura(天妇罗), maki rolls (寿司), etc. Fish like Salmon (三文鱼) and mackerel (醋青鱼) are high quality.

Also worth eating are the salads (沙拉) such as the kitchen specialty (厨师), seaweed salad (海草), salmon skin (味付三文鱼皮) and baby octopus in sesame sauce (芝麻八瓜鱼). The standard menu is also full of pictures, so if all else fails, don’t be afraid ask for one!

Youyou Japanese Restaurant
Youyou Japanese Restaurant Youyou Japanese Restaurant