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Fiesta Thai
10am - 10am
ETraffic Hotel, 6 Central Linjiang Rd.
028 8545 4520
028 8545 4530

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Monica Liau (more chengdu)
Thai food is pricey, so you want to make sure you are getting quality for your buck. Fiesta Thai can offer that, plus a convenient location on Linjiang road, behind the bus station.
One weekend, I entered the warmly lit restaurant with my “partner in dine”, cold and ravenous. In the dining room, we were greeted by waitresses in traditional Thai dress and enough gold colored elephants, deities and knick-knacks to stock a small antiques market. Without even looking at the menu, we immediately ordered sour and spicy Thai seafood soup. It arrived as a vat of clear broth, fragrant with lemon grass and full of shrimp, clams, octopus and fish. It was just what the doctor ordered after a long bike ride through wintry Chengdu made our noses red and sniffle-y.

With our hunger and chills held at bay for the moment, we went on to peruse the brightly colored menu (filled with reasonably translated English). We ordered seafood spring rolls, papaya salad, a whole fish fried with coconut and curry, and a green pork curry. It was an ambitious amount of food for two, even with our large appetites. The spring rolls were crispy but not greasy, and the sauce was (dare I say) positively piquant.

Papaya salad was a mound of crispy green papaya marinated with sweet vinegar, hot peppers, cilantro and subtle lemongrass. The fish came, complete head to tail, perfectly fried and delicious. My eating companion is leery of coconut but he dug into the fish with pleasure and we soon reduced it to a pile of bones. The only subpar player of the evening was our green pork curry, which was reasonable, but flavor wise bland and flat, no comparison to the other excellent dishes.

Large enough for big parties, the restaurant offers private rooms and excellent service. Our extravagant dinner for two totaled about 200 RMB.

Fiesta Thai
Fiesta Thai Fiesta Thai