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Desibao Deutsch Bier Mahlzeit/Tersberg German Restaurant
10:30am - 10:30pm
3/F, Wanda Plaza
028 8419 1016

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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
Wanda Plaza, located in the southeast of the city off the second ring road, was completed last year and is by now a bustling, glittering parade of Chengdu’s modern and upward mobility. Its third floor features a wide variety of new restaurants, offering localized versions of various international and pan-Chinese cuisines.

One restaurant that stakes out a more unusual niche is Desibao/Tersberg, which markets itself as a traditional southeast German restaurant. Its female wait staff greets you in frilly black-and-white dirndl-aping dresses, while the men don trachten hats. The interior is outfitted in wood paneling, with a lengthy bar serving locally brewed beer on tap. To really emphasize its Bavaria-in-Chengdu intent, pictures hang from the ceiling featuring blue-eyed blondes in beer gardens, and music videos from German pop singer Sarah Connor—apparently huge in China—play on loop.

Having set the main area wide open with plenty of large tables, Desidao can easily accommodate larger parties, though most of the other patrons during our visit appeared to be couples who’d decided upon a more adventurous date setting. The wait staff was unfailingly attentive, if a little aggressive on the up-sell.
The beer, sadly, a major draw card for my thirsty party, proved disappointing. Both the yellow (50 RMB/pitcher) and black (78 RMB) varieties were flat and weak, tasting like “leftover Tsingtao,” as one friend aptly put it. If its authentic beer that you’re seeking, then you’re better off going to Kempinski’s for hearty brews.

The food itself, picked from an extensive bilingual menu, was significantly better, with the pork chops (30-40 RMB) and sausage meals (30 RMB) both reasonably authentic and flavorful. Stay away, however, from the sausage platter (48 RMB) and the risotto (28 RMB), both of which were bland in a way that some Chinese perceive Western cuisine to be. The risotto, in particularly, tasted suspiciously like congee, only with less water. Pizzas, pastas, and salads and a variety of Western-style dishes are also available, though we wouldn’t generally recommend this restaurant to vegetarians. Expect to pay about 60-100 RMB per person including beer and appetizers.

Desibao Deutsch Bier Mahlzeit/Tersberg German Restaurant
Desibao Deutsch Bier Mahlzeit/Tersberg German Restaurant Desibao Deutsch Bier Mahlzeit/Tersberg German Restaurant Desibao Deutsch Bier Mahlzeit/Tersberg German Restaurant