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BBQ Fanwo
BBQ 饭屋
8am – 11pm
Jingyuan Ln., Zongbei Neighborhood
028 8128 1691

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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
Sometimes, you just want a burger…and pizza, and club sandwiches and piles of spaghetti to boot. But, if you’re as price-conscious as say, a foreign student who does restaurant reviews on the side, you’re not always excited about forking out 30-40 RMB to do so at Peter’s or Grandma’s Kitchen. Enter BBQ, located on the same Zongnan alley as the legendary Yang Yang’s. The newly opened restaurant provides decent servings of Western favorites at a fraction of the competitor’s prices.

Legend has it that Peter, of Peter’s Tex-Mex empire, started off as a humble cook in the initial Grandma’s Kitchen, whose staff itself was trained by the mysterious “Grandma.” A deity-like figure whom the city has to thank for the availability of decent Western fare. Well, the circle of enterprising chefs has continued, as BBQ’s own cooks apparently sharpened their skills in the aforementioned restaurants before starting their own.

Don’t expect a comfortable table to work at or relax over. BBQ dining environs are not in the same league as their more-established big brothers. Occupying a small hole-in-the-wall location in a charming neighborhood filled with cheap noodle joints. It doesn’t take too many to fill its already cramped space. The décor itself is minimal, with a large picture menu above the kitchen window. The chipper, young, staff also carry several English-language menus, and at the time of our visit, were planning to print additional copies for people to take with them.

The food itself is fine: more greasy spoon diner than white tablecloth. The portions are generous and prices are generally less than half that of the rivals. In addition to pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, and basic desserts, BBQ also dishes out your standard variety of fried rice flavors (5-10 RMB). The Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich (20 RMB, with fries and soda) was well cooked and succulent. The vegetarian pizza was satisfyingly cheesy (10-32 RMB, depending on ingredients and size). The beef spaghetti looked mouthwateringly good. So, next time you feel the urge to go Western on the cheap, head for BBQ. Chengdu’s closest thing to a late night diner!

BBQ Fanwo
BBQ Fanwo BBQ Fanwo