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Leanna’s Bakery
8am - 9pm (Mon-Sat, Sundays closed)
4-1, Shuhan St.
028 8558 2088

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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
There are some things that Chengdu chefs, no matter how much training they have received in Westerners’ perplexing eating habits, struggle to do well. Pizza, with a few exceptions, is a classic case in point. Salad, a dish that in many ways runs contrary to the fundamentals of Chinese cooking, is another.

But if you have been searching for a genuinely good—not just passable—take on that most underappreciated of dishes, Leanna’s Bakery will offer sweet, well-tossed relief. This is a kitchen that knows the fundamentals of salad making.

The signature Chef salad (RMB22) is a lesson for other Western restaurants in the construction of a satisfying salad. Properly-tossed, non-wilted greens: check. Liberal use of real cheddar cheese: check. Hearty bits of crunchy bacon and grilled chicken: check! There’s plenty of vegetarian varieties as well: the lighter Spinach salad’s (16) fresh, gentle dressing proving similarly popular. Perhaps part of their success lies in the fact that the restaurant’s daily kitchen work is partly handled by a staff of friendly Westerners. Beyond salads, Leanna’s carries a full menu of pizzas, sandwiches and baked goods. The fruit snack pies and cookies were good, if not spectacular (3), while the broccoli soup (16) is legendary in certain circles. Packaged breads, muffins and mixes sit on shelves in the corner.

Like its menu, Leanna’s also offers perhaps the most comfortably Western—as opposed to a Chinese interpretation of Western—dining feel of any comparable restaurant. The hand-written chalk menu; bright, spacious environment and American Christian-pop internet radio will have you forgetting you’re actually tucked into the edge of the Tibetan Quarter, not far from Wuhou temple and Jinli street. The young, mixed clientele—drawing from nearby Southwest University of Nationalities and surrounding businesses—surf the free Wi-Fi or practice languages. The restaurant’s ambiance encourages lounging.

Best of all, however, is that you can take it all home. Leanna’s side service, Comforts of Home, offers delivery (free for purchases over RMB50) of a broad range of cakes, frosting, cookies, pancakes and drink mixes as well as baking supplies.

Leanna’s Bakery
Leanna’s Bakery Leanna’s Bakery Leanna’s Bakery